Language Pack

I have already noticed the first problem.

You might get some weird symbols at the top of the page like this :

“Watarimono / ?n? ”

If this is the case, you do not have the Windows Asian Language pack installed (needed for seeing Kanji and kana) . This is easy and free if you have a legitimate windows copy. It doesn’t take up alot of memory either. If you install it you will finally be able to see those Chinese or Japanese website’s you have been dying to check out. Needless to say any Japanese entry posted on this blog will not be readable either if you do not install it.

An easy guide to installing the language pack on all windows versions can be found here . I also added a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page where some possible problems are adressed.

The “Japan” page has been updated and I created the “My Paper” page. This section of the blog is rather personal and is basicly an archive or log for my convenience.

September 9th edit :
Added the “My Music” page. This serves mainly as an archive to keep track of the music reviews I will post in the future. I also tried to explain my motivation for this a little bit and hope atleast someday someone will read one of them and check out the particular band. Thats as far as my aspirations go.


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