7 Days remaining

Actually , its just 6 after today.
I spent my last Sunday in the city of Paris which I had never visited before. We saw all the famous landmarks and had a few good laughs so it was a great last weekend.
Maybe I can post some pictures of the trip later.

So in one week I will be in Matsumoto (松本), Japan and I’m really getting nervous. Preparations have gone surprisingly well considering I had very little information a month ago. I have got health insurance, my visa cleared last month and I have a good suitcase and a nice amount of Japanese money (円). I have also made arrangements to get from Narita Airport to my apartment in Matsumoto. I hope that goes well. If I make it through the 12 hour flight in good shape there shouldn’t be many problems (I hope 🙂 ) .

What’s left for me to do this week?
First getting some winter clothes. I hear Matsumoto is rather cold in the winter so I’m going to need some thicker clothes. Second I have to pick up my airplane tickets, which the travelling agency has been holding for me. And last but not least I still need to do a good deal of reviewing because I really haven’t practised my Japanese a lot in the last two months and I believe the placement tests are the day after my arrival.
I’m excited but at the same time I think the first month is going to be quite a test. I’m not used to being away from home a long time and I’m not the most independent person on the planet. So yeah, that will be scary. But again if I survive the first month, I hope I’ll be fine . So next time I post here I will probably be in Japan.


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