October 9th Update

First off all here is my cell phone information.
# : 090 9358 3582
Cell phone email : deleted for spamprotection . You are free to email me any time.

I bought this at the Parco (パルコ)mall、the second largest of the city. I also visited a nearby Arcade Hall. A weird experience to say the least.

The weather here the past weekend has been amazing. It was almost like summer in Belgium. I took the opportunity to make a little drive around the area. I went all the way North to the road to Ueda. A lot of forests here. I then headed West of the Setoba river to the area North of the Campus. It’s similar to my burrow with a lot of apartments. But still this is a more traditional area with aggriculture and temples (寺). I also spotted an impressive Torii (鳥居). There was also a rock concert on the campus. I already forgot the bands name but it was still a nice change from all the Hip Hop that is very popular here.

This past weekend, the Edo Clan (江戸豪族) came up from Tokyo to check out the country life here in Matsumoto. We had a nice home-party with good food and some drinks. Many thanks to Sam, Tim, Jonathan and Mayuko, Matthijs and Roos. We plan to return the favor on November 3rd when there is a party at the Belgian embassy in Tokyo.

After my first weekend here I have to write something about the Night life of course. First of all the young people seem to go home here very soon. That or I was at the wrong place last weekend. By 1 a.m. the bars that had students in them were countable on one hand. But from 9 to 1 a lot of places are packed though. My friends introduced me to a number of places but these I think are worth mentioning.
First there is the Elbow Room (エルボルーム). A small bar in an alley in the center South of town next to the Metoba river. It’s a small bar where only about 10 people can fit. It’s very psychedelic with all sorts of gadgets on the wall. The music is somewhat alternative (so no Hip-hop or pop) and there are never that many people in there. All alcoholic beverages are 500円. Be it tequila sunrise or beer. There’s also a lot of good snacks.
The other is a reggae club called ‘Big Up’. There were more young people here late and you can play old Super Sness games there. We also visited a hip hop club on Friday where we were challenged to a dance off by the local youth. We got owned by their break-dance moves of course. There is another club here called ‘Sonic’ but that seems pathetic.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all fun and games. Today we had another Oral placement test and a reading exercise. Tomorrow classes will start with Kaiwa (会話, Conversation)and Bunpo (文法, grammar). We will also receive the scores of our placement tests. So it will probably get really busy over the next few weeks.
More from me later.


3 Responses to “October 9th Update”

  1. ge zet toch spontaan beginne hakke toen die begonne breakdance? da haddek echt wille zien

    of “peche-plukke”

  2. SNES Games ftw Jeroen!

    Amuseer u daar goed zou ik zeggen, en probeer u een beetje te gedragen :p. Ik wil geen nieuwsberichten horen over plotselinge bier schaarste in Matsumoto. Vind het wel wa spijtig dat het nachtleven blijkbaar niet zoveel voorstelt, tijd om die mannen daar te leren tooghangen.


  3. Wooohoohohoho nen dance-off mee Japanese hippediehop-yo-boyz! Maksimum Restecp!

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