October 26th Update

It’s been a while since my last update.  I blame the lack of Internet in my room for that. But fortunately the 留学生センター is open until 9 pm today so I can finally do another small update.

First of all you might ask, what is that nerd doing at the center on Friday evening?? Shouldn’t he be drinking or something? Well this morning my bike broke down so I can’t really go anywhere at the moment. The city centre is a good 30 minutes walk and I’m not really up for that.  I’m hoping to have my bike fixed tomorrow morning because I can’t handle a whole weekend of sitting at the apartment. The bike shop is miles away from where I live though, so getting there will be another problem.

But my problems are relatively small compared to my classmate and fellow countrymen Malcolm (see his blog on the right). He broke his arm in an accident caused by a gay Japanese guy, pretty much ruining his chances of having a good snowboarding season here.

On some more positive news : A few weeks ago we did a trip to the town of Ikeba (池場) renowned for it’s beautiful mountain views. It was a very entertaining and cheap day and we met a quite a few new people. There were also parties at my apartment (for foreign students and the teaching staff only)  and we also attended  the COWIS cooking meeting (料理会) were traditional Japanese, Thai, Korean and Mongolian dishes were served. Again we met a great deal of new people. Also each Sunday we attended the COWIS sports meetings. It’s nice to be able to do some sports once in a while.

COWIS by the way is the student circle we were expected to join. It’s a circle comprised of Japanese and foreign (mostly Asian) students who do all sorts of things together.
At first it seemed like a good plan, but some unfortunate events and the fact that they aren’t really my kind of people,  made mr change my mind about that. So I will be on the look out for a better student circle.

Classes have been going well. I did my first presentation (発表) this week and it went pretty well. I did receive some help from a Korean student who has been living here for two years. The weather here has been great (like Spring in Belgium) with the exception of Friday’s. There always seems to be rain on Friday.

Anyway, next week I will be in Tokyo again from Wednesday ’till Sunday. So expect some news from that. Perhaps I will also finaly purchase a decent camera there so I can finaly get some pictures on here.


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