November 5th Update

I spent the past week in Tokyo where I helped out at the Trainspot “Old Embassy” event. Throughout the week there were various events and parties held at the old Embassy building in Kotomachi, Chiyoda (千代田). We arrived in Shinjuku (新宿) on Wednesday evening and after a short metro trip we arrived at the embassy. On Wednesday there was a reception, on Thursday there was another bigger one, attended by a lot of important people. After the reception we went to the Tokyo Womb club in Shibuya (渋谷). On Friday there was a jazz-band and dance show attended by a lot more people than expected. We also met the artists playing on the main event on Saturday (Stijn, Buscemi and Gabriel Rios, pretty big names in Belgium). On Saturday there was the main event attended by more than 700 people. We drunk whatever was left over ourselves and after a few days without a lot of sleep we headed back to Shinjuku to take the bus home.
Due to a mix up however, the bus wasn’t until 7 pm, so I bought a camera in Shinjuku and visited Ginza (銀座), which is basically just a large shopping center. I again met and talked to a lot of interesting people. And the embassy is a beautiful building and an oasis of green and calmness in the busy Tokyo metropolis. Of course I still have only seen a little part of Tokyo so I intend to go back soon for a day or three. I took some pictures with my cell phone which I’ll try to get on-line as soon as possible.


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