November 27th Update

Finally another update.
I’ve been rather busy this month. We had our first tests last week. Our kaiwa (会話), Grammar (文法)and Kanji (漢字) skills were tested. My results were good (a lot higher than they were in Belgium) without having to study to much. Then again we haven’t really learned a lot of new stuff. But all this revision is improving my Japanese none the less. The temperature is surely dropping as well. It’s gotten a lot colder and the first snow has already fallen. But the surrounding mountains are even more beautiful now.

Last week the exchange students a long with some Japanese students made a trip to Takayama (高山) in the Gifu prefecture (岐阜). Takayama is famous for it’s traditional chariots and the shrine. Takayama itself was o.k. but really overrated in my opinion.
I had more fun on the trip itself as we drove past some of the higher mountains in the area (kamikouchi for example). The views were very nice and there was a lot of snow.

My camera has proved to be a good buy. The quality is very good for a digital camera and the zoom-lens has also proved useful. But I’m having some problems getting the pictures on-line… I’ll try and sort that later. 

What’s in store for the near future ? I will probably be spending another long weekend in Tokyo somewhere in December and hope to do some decent sightseeing this time. The plans for New Year are not set yet, but we probably won’t be celebrating in Matsumoto.
Since we have classes until December 25th (and tests for that matter) Christmas (which isn’t a holiday here) will be pretty boring I suppose.  

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll leave u with a picture of the trip to Takayama :



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  1. Vinn0r Holding corp Says:


    Verder, wanneer lijkt u de beste moment voor ne meat and great in Japan. !

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