February 3rd Update

It’s been a while again, but I decided to do another Japan related update.

Classes have now officially ended. On Friday we attended the final presentation of the students returning home after one semester (all Koreans). It was interesting, but getting up at 9 a.m. after slacking for more than a week was painful.
I stuck to a steady diet of watching Sopranos with a beer and a bag of chips ’till about 4 a.m. everyday. Then slept ’till late in the afternoon, got up do some work and repeat. If you haven’t watched “The Sopranos” yet : I strongly advise you do : it’s the best series ever.
Since I didn’t really do anything these last 2 weeks, there’s not that much interesting to tell.  But last week Jonathan and his girlfriend Mayuko came to Matsumoto. We did a hike up in the mountains but unfortunately didn’t get all the way to the top. It’s also been snowing pretty hard. 2 weeks ago about 20cm fell. And today and last night, about the same amount has fallen and since I like snow, I’m pretty happy about it. Though it’s not very easy to get around in 20cm of snow.
So 2 weeks ago I also took some neat pictures of the Castle covered in snow. I should really get round to uploading those.

I also received my grades for the Japanese language classes. All results were between around 85% and 95% so I was pretty happy about that. But I had the impression they didn’t want to fail anyone because the oral exam was….well pretty damn easy. Next week I’ll get my certificate with the final overall score on it (A+,A-,B+ etc…) but I’m happy with a B anyway.

This last weekend I hung out at Kuwara. It’s a record shop during the day and at night it’s like a club. It’s pretty cosy and reminds of youth clubs in Belgium.

Thursday there’s a “Sayonara” party for the students returning to their country (a pretty lame party since you have to bring your own food and drinks…) so my plans of leaving for Niigata have been delayed by a few days. But I’m considering departing during the coming weekend (maybe Saturday…). Be in Niigata for about a small week. Come back here and keep everyone updated and then hopefully we can set up a free sleeping place in Osaka and visit Kansai for the first time later this month. In the beginning of march I well go down to Tokyo once more to hang out with Tim and if there’s still some time (or shall we say money left) I’ll do something aswell in the second half of March.

I also received a bit of homework and should really get started on my bachelor paper, so I guess I’ll be able to fill up the two months. That was it for now.


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