The Angelic Process – …And your blood is full of Honey


Another review pulled from under the dust ! :

The Angelic Process are a drone/ambient two-piece that have been playing this style since 1999.Compared to other bands in the genre there is a little less to hold on to when listening to their albums. Noise is more important than the droning guitar rhythms. So it requires a little more effort from the listener to get through the album.

The vocals are mostly female and are reminiscent of acts like..well I don’t know actually. “Evanescence” came to my mind. But they are usually distorted or processed. The drums are minimalistic and back in the mix, but this fits the style very well. A good example of this is opening track “Worried Man”.
As stated it’s a little harder to find the melodies but they are certainly there between the walls of distortion. The music has a very dense and organic feel to it, like a magma flow. Though the vocals are certainly above average, the amount of processing applied to them in some songs is just over the top for me. This is the case in “The Ruined Life of someone Better”. The vocal melody is rather good, but almost impossible to distill. Too bad because the second half of the song is really one of the best parts of the album. This also because there is just a little more rhythm in this part provided by the more upfront droning guitars and the reduced layers of noise.
“Hang him Higher” also contains more elements for the listener to grab on to. The pounding percussion reminded me of industrial acts like Godflesh.
There are two intermezzo’s in the album (“Mouvements”) which work quite well and fit within the flow of the album. The standout track is the tittle track, avoiding extreme distortion and maintaining a solid beat.

For now The Angelic Process are not yet ready to dethrone Nadja as kings of the ambient/doom genre. However since their debut in 1999 they have done nothing but grow and I expect good things to come from this band in the future.

Decaying Sun, July 2006
Written 10/09/2007


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