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More Linkdrops : Scorn vs. King Cannibal

Posted in General News on March 21, 2008 by joeki2000

A few weeks ago I dropped a link to a youtube video for Burial’s Wayfaring Stranger remix. Well it seems I’ve picked up a bad habit because here I am again with a new link to some more music (this blog has nothing to do with Japan 🙂 ).
This time it’s the hardest and darkest dubs you’ll find. One of my favourite dub related artists, Mick Harris (Scorn) teamed up with King Cannibal aka Zilla for a special set for BBC1’s experimental radio show. Expect nothing but dark dubs.
Link : Here (file size approx. 48 mb.)

In Japan related news :
I will start my Japan trip tomorow, travelling to Tokyo in the early morning. From Tuesday on it’s Osaka. The weekend will be spent in Kyoto. Next up is Hiroshima and on the way back to Matsumoto we’ll stop in Takayama. I hope all goes well and I have enough cash to pay for it all. Oh yeah and some good weather wouldn’t hurt either.

I also visited Nagano the last month, did some hiking and went to the graduation ceremony. I had to keep busy right.


交通事故 Part II

Posted in Japan News on March 16, 2008 by joeki2000

So I mentioned in a post in February how bad Japanese drivers really are.
Call it a stereotype, or even racism for my part , I don’t care after today. I didn’t need confirmation of this ( I already had enough of that in October) but I nevertheless got it today.
So I was riding my bike on a priority street (all streets from the left and right had stop signs and white stripes : meaning the street I was on had priority). So I come to a taxi company , and see a car approaching from a street to the left of me. Of course since my street has priority he stops and lets the cars in my street go ahead. I figure : this guy is letting me pass  as well.
I should have known  better. As I was crossing his path, the guy put the pedal to the metal , hitting me in the side and sending me and my bike flying. Fortunately I was spared from any serious injury other than some bruises and a nasty flesh wound. The guy hadn’t even bothered looking to his left side : I was in a one way street : one way for cars  not for bicycles , so he didn’t find it necessary to check his left side. He got out of the car and apologised and helped me get back on my bike, but none of the bystanders even gave a shit. They acted like nothing happened.  So I said fuck it and left the scene.

Something is seriously fucked in Japan. Is it like the educational system perhaps, where practical knowledge of something isn’t required? Is driving in a protective enviroment enough to get a license ? (that’s right, all Japanese driving schools have this miniature car park, simulating everything in a closed enviroment). Of course they have driving lessons on the street as well, but judging by the way 99% drive of them… they must be shit.

Seriously, I’m just angry right now, but that isn’t clouding my vision. I’ve seen it happen, experienced it first hand , and heared other people tell about it :


Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix)

Posted in General News on March 7, 2008 by joeki2000

I was talking earlier about how you always miss things in your end of year Music list. Well here we have it.

I heard Jamie Woon’s original song on the radio a few times and on online shows and granted it was a great song. But to go as far as to put it on my list…no. But a year after release date  I finally picked up the Burial Remix (thank you Electronic Explorations) and this is amazing.
It’s very reminiscent of Burial’s work on “Untrue” (which gained #2 spot on my 2007 list). Bot the ambiance and clicks and hisses seem to come straight from that album. Together with the subtle processed vocals of Jamie Woon (and his awesome lyrics) this makes for a great combination. There is also a Stitch remix for this song, though I like the Burial one much better. Hearing this, I can’t wait for new stuff from this guy.

Someone made a really good custom video clip to the song on youtube ; so I just wanted to share this on the blog.
You can pick up the LP and CD (freshly restocked) at boomkat or perhaps your better alternative record shop.

Youtube Link : here

March 1 Update

Posted in Japan News on March 1, 2008 by joeki2000

Actually, I feel kind of guilty. Everyone is probably doing stuff right now, be it going to University or working in Belgium, or doing バイト or studying for entrance exams in Japan. Me on the other hand…
I checked out バイト at the nearby supermarket. The wage there was 800円 per hour and you had to work 3 days a week.  The hours sucked plus I will not work for 5 euros per hour, so I’ll look into tutoring again later. A lot of my new older friends are teachers, so maybe I can pressure them a little bit 😀 .

So what’s been going on. After the graduation ceremony and the ensuing party, I spent a week in Niigata (read the review below). Quite a refreshing trip. Since then though, things have slowed down a lot. There was a Good Bye party organised by a few of  our Japanese tutors for the returning students. The party was…well Japanese I guess. There was no sake, no music and no other forms of entertainment. But atleast preparing the Takoyaki was fun and granted : they were delicious.
Anyway : we figured we could return the favor, so we plan a party next week Sunday and make some croque-monsieur or something. I will make sure there will be sake though.

My trip to 長野 has been delayed by a week, as my fellow Belgians here will be in Nagasaki then, so I figured I could better go when I’m alone here in Matsumoto. My cousin will arrive the 23th of March, so I will be leaving for Tokyo on the 21st, staying at Sam’s again (many thanks!!).    The travelling scheduel will look something like this : Tokyo – Osaka – Kyoto – Hiroshima – Miyajima – Gifu – Matsumoto and back to Tokyo. A lot of things to see in just 2 weeks : 頑張ります :D .

I also recently started translating some manga’s. I’m reading バガボンド and ベルゼルク. It is a slow and tedious process but it’s fun and a good excercise  for my Japanese. We also started playing soccer again a few times a week. I really missed it actually.

Anyway thats all for now.