March 1 Update

Actually, I feel kind of guilty. Everyone is probably doing stuff right now, be it going to University or working in Belgium, or doing バイト or studying for entrance exams in Japan. Me on the other hand…
I checked out バイト at the nearby supermarket. The wage there was 800円 per hour and you had to work 3 days a week.  The hours sucked plus I will not work for 5 euros per hour, so I’ll look into tutoring again later. A lot of my new older friends are teachers, so maybe I can pressure them a little bit 😀 .

So what’s been going on. After the graduation ceremony and the ensuing party, I spent a week in Niigata (read the review below). Quite a refreshing trip. Since then though, things have slowed down a lot. There was a Good Bye party organised by a few of  our Japanese tutors for the returning students. The party was…well Japanese I guess. There was no sake, no music and no other forms of entertainment. But atleast preparing the Takoyaki was fun and granted : they were delicious.
Anyway : we figured we could return the favor, so we plan a party next week Sunday and make some croque-monsieur or something. I will make sure there will be sake though.

My trip to 長野 has been delayed by a week, as my fellow Belgians here will be in Nagasaki then, so I figured I could better go when I’m alone here in Matsumoto. My cousin will arrive the 23th of March, so I will be leaving for Tokyo on the 21st, staying at Sam’s again (many thanks!!).    The travelling scheduel will look something like this : Tokyo – Osaka – Kyoto – Hiroshima – Miyajima – Gifu – Matsumoto and back to Tokyo. A lot of things to see in just 2 weeks : 頑張ります :D .

I also recently started translating some manga’s. I’m reading バガボンド and ベルゼルク. It is a slow and tedious process but it’s fun and a good excercise  for my Japanese. We also started playing soccer again a few times a week. I really missed it actually.

Anyway thats all for now.


One Response to “March 1 Update”

  1. Shit man ‘t is daar allemaal dik in orde precies. Houd u goe, past op veu STDs en zwiert er nog eens wa foto’s op.

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