Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix)

I was talking earlier about how you always miss things in your end of year Music list. Well here we have it.

I heard Jamie Woon’s original song on the radio a few times and on online shows and granted it was a great song. But to go as far as to put it on my list…no. But a year after release date  I finally picked up the Burial Remix (thank you Electronic Explorations) and this is amazing.
It’s very reminiscent of Burial’s work on “Untrue” (which gained #2 spot on my 2007 list). Bot the ambiance and clicks and hisses seem to come straight from that album. Together with the subtle processed vocals of Jamie Woon (and his awesome lyrics) this makes for a great combination. There is also a Stitch remix for this song, though I like the Burial one much better. Hearing this, I can’t wait for new stuff from this guy.

Someone made a really good custom video clip to the song on youtube ; so I just wanted to share this on the blog.
You can pick up the LP and CD (freshly restocked) at boomkat or perhaps your better alternative record shop.

Youtube Link : here


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