More Linkdrops : Scorn vs. King Cannibal

A few weeks ago I dropped a link to a youtube video for Burial’s Wayfaring Stranger remix. Well it seems I’ve picked up a bad habit because here I am again with a new link to some more music (this blog has nothing to do with Japan 🙂 ).
This time it’s the hardest and darkest dubs you’ll find. One of my favourite dub related artists, Mick Harris (Scorn) teamed up with King Cannibal aka Zilla for a special set for BBC1’s experimental radio show. Expect nothing but dark dubs.
Link : Here (file size approx. 48 mb.)

In Japan related news :
I will start my Japan trip tomorow, travelling to Tokyo in the early morning. From Tuesday on it’s Osaka. The weekend will be spent in Kyoto. Next up is Hiroshima and on the way back to Matsumoto we’ll stop in Takayama. I hope all goes well and I have enough cash to pay for it all. Oh yeah and some good weather wouldn’t hurt either.

I also visited Nagano the last month, did some hiking and went to the graduation ceremony. I had to keep busy right.


One Response to “More Linkdrops : Scorn vs. King Cannibal”

  1. kingcannibal Says:

    hey dude,
    Thanks for sharing!

    Dyl /KC

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