Rosetta – Wake/Lift

More and more forgotten albums from 2007 keep making their way into my collection. Rosetta’s Wake/Lift has been one of the best of them.

Rosetta is one of the many bands playing the so called “Post/Progressive Metal” genre. These guys from Philadelphia might not have the fame of Isis, Pelican or Cult of Luna. But they are certainly on par with all of them in my opinion.
Think densely constructed metal (with gorgeous brutal vocals) backed up by beautiful post rock riffs and passages. The opening track “Red in Tooth and Claw” easily ranks among the best 5 individual songs I’ve heared in a long while. It’s brutal and beautiful and lasts for over 10 minutes without getting boring for a second. Next up is a cresendo with the track “Lift” (devided in 3 seperate parts) and “Wake”. “Tenement Noise” is a beautifull instrumental intermezzo building up nicely to the second highlight “Monument” which closes the album.

For lovers of the debut album, this is a must have. Anyone who diggs Progressive Metal, or even hardcore (the vocals) inspired bands like Envy this should also be in your collection.
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Out on Translation Loss, 2007.


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