Scuba – A Mutual Antipathy

Folks, here is a dubstep record worth checking out.
For those that don’t know Scuba, his recent sound could be described as a mix between Burial and Kode 9 as far as I’m concerned. So mostly minimal, atmospheric and very ambient. Most certainly a deviation from his older work which had a much harder, club oriented sound (check the tracks on Box of dub vol. 1 ).

The album opens with the pretty straight forward “Systematic Decline” which is a represantative for most of the album.  Next up are two of the better tracks of the album “Hard Boiled” which is very reminicent of Burial’s recent output with hisses and clicks. The piano oriented “Tell her” is the first climax of the album. It brings a nice summer vibe. “Disorder” picks up where the opening track left off, with minimalistic bass lines and synths and ambiances working in the background. With “Ruptured” , Scuba hints back at his earlier work, meaning heavier bass lines and a more club oriented sound, something repeated in the closing track “Suck”.
“The Upside” and “Stolen” are arguably the best tracks on the release , uniting above stated elements in an almost perfect mix. The only track I generally didn’t like was “Twitch” , a minimalistic piece with less ambient parts which makes it sound a little boring. The vocals on “Poppies”, otherwise a great song, also didn’t go that well for me.
All in all, I would describe this as the Yin to Burials Yang. Whereas Burials “Untrue” had a negative, sad and isolationist vibe to it, this is rather upbeat and happy whilst using almost the same elements. Perhaps Scuba’s tracks are still just a little more accessible , which is far from a bad thing of course.
Anyway, in a quiet year so far, this has been one of the first few really good releases.

You can listen to a preview at :

Out on Hotflush Records, 2008


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