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June 6th Update

Posted in Japan News on June 6, 2008 by joeki2000

Soon only 2 months left in Japan , can’t believe how time flies by.

I’m deaf in my right ear at the moment and almost blind in my left eye (lol , not really) but it’s quite bothersome. I have a plug in my ear that needs some attention but I haven’t been able to go to a docter yet. Just when I was about to go this afternoon I sprayed half a can of detergent in my left eye (yeah, the good one) so now that eye’s pretty much fucked for a few days as well.
Weekly soccer and running is also taking it’s toll on my ankles (try finding shoepads for a size 31 in a country full of midgets).
How about the benkyou then? Well, absolutely nothing to report on that : I still haven’t decided wether my final presentation will be about the Japanese fishing industry and it’s toll on the enviroment , or homelessness in Urban Japan. Both subjects were OK’ed by the teachers… The other lessons are o.k. I guess. My first Korean test is monday : What’s at stake? : The student with the best marks can go lunch with the sensei : This my friends is Japanese University life.
A rigorous month of sleepless nights is coming up ; you guessed it : EURO 2008 starts tomorow, and with all matches being played either at 1 am or 3 am local time … .  Who will take it?  After those fucking Greeks took it last time  your guess is as good as mine : therefore I say : TURKEY!  And I’ll be rooting for the Swedes.

I’m making lots of new friends !