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The Band : “Jesu”

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Jesu rose from the ashes of former Industrial monolith “Godflesh” (which I might write about in the future). Godflesh split up around 2001/2002 after their final release “Hymns”. Lead man and guitarist Justin K. Broadrick suffered a nervous breakdown moments before Godflesh were to embark on an American tour. Long time member and bassist G.C. Green had decided to quit the band a while earlier. This de facto meant the end of Godflesh and nearly brought JK Broadrick to bankruptcy.

2004 witnessed the resurgence of Justin K. Broadrick as it saw the first release of his new Project called “Jesu” , named after the last track on the last ever Godflesh album “Hymns”.

2004 : Heart ache EP :
Released : August 30th, 2004
Label : Dry Run Records / Avalanche / Hydra Head
Tracklist :
01 : Heart ache  – 19.42
02 : Ruined – 20.13

For the debut release, JK Broadrick wrote the two tracks and played all the instruments. He also mixed and produced the album by himself. Due to the use of industrial drum machines the sound is still very similar to Godflesh. Where this album differs though is the emotional depth invested. Some might argue that Godflesh too was very deep, yet it’s difficult to argue with the fact that Godflesh was very singular most of the time.
This album features huge low-end guitar riffs ( not yet as droning as they are on the s/t release). “Heart Ache” starts very heavy and as mentioned before, is very reminiscent of Godflesh ( “Selfless” era in my opinion) but as the song progresses  a twist comes about. When the vocals set in you notice that this is an entirely different beast from Godflesh. Melancholy takes over in the second half of the song : the words “But really, there’s Nothing” are repeated.
The second cut “Ruined” starts with a long piano intro as the low end guitars burst in again, soon to to take the forefront a long with the same drum machine beats that powered the first cut. JKB again opts for clean vocals, but the overall atmosphere of this song is much more grim than the first track (a fitting title indeed). Harsh vocals take over at the 11 minute mark shouting “Right/Wrong“.  The song fades out with the return of the  piano combined with gentle guitar notes and some ambient features.
Overall “Heart Ache” is the more impressive feature on this EP because of its melancholic feel, while “Ruined” brings destruction much like Godflesh did but from a slightly different angle. The stretched outro of this song can’t quite get my attention though. Still this is a must have EP in the history of Jesu and one of the heavier works in the discography. The Vinyl version was released in August, 2008.

2005 : Jesu
Released : December 8th, 2004
label : Hydra Head / Conspiracy / Daymare
Tracklist :
01 : Your Path to Divinity – 9.14
02 : Friends Are Evil – 9.43
03 : Tired of Me – 9.30
04 : We All Faulter – 6.56
05 : Walk On Water – 11.23
06 : Sun Day – 10.02
07 : Man/Woman – 9.28
08 : Guardian Angel – 8.06
09 : Your Path To Divinity (The Endless Path)* – 11.13 (Japanese Version Only)
10 : Friends Are Evil (Highest Throne)* – 9.22  (Japanese Version Only)

Jesu’s full length debut is the Self  Titled release. To date this is still my favorite Jesu record. It features Ted Parsons on drums and Diarmuid Dalton on bass, though both of them don’t appear on all of  the tracks. Paul Neville plays extra guitars on “Man/woman” . This release partly builds on the Heart Ache EP : the mood and structure of the songs remains roughly the same (the average song length is reduced from 20 minutes to about 9 though). But the sound is completely different. The low end guitars are much more droney and thus heavier and denser. The mix is just muddy and messy. JKB mainly opts for harmonic processed vocals (with the exception of Man/Woman). Especially the addition of Ted Parsons does wonders to the Jesu sound as the drumming is as precise as a machine yet adds a human element to the mix.
The opener “Your Path To Divinity” is arguably the weakest track on the release. It opens with a pulsating droning guitar  backed up by something that sounds like an organ. The vocal arrangement is my main problem. It’s too high pitched and the melody is too uplifting compared to the other tracks. Musically though , this track as an opener immediately grabbed my full attention. So if this is the weakest thing , you know you are in for the best album of the new millennium. The second track “Friends Are Evil” provides the first highlight. The ruthless opening is as heavy as Godflesh ever were with a ripping bass provided by Diarmuid Dalton. Just before the 2 minute mark the song takes its first turn as the sad melancholic riff that Justin unleashes through the drones just cuts through bone and marrow. When the vocals set in, the listener is completely destroyed.  Simple yet beautiful, heartbreaking and punishingly heavy at the same time. At around the 6 minute mark the song takes another dramatic turn evolving into a more ambient piece. Sounds more like Final (a JKB side project) than Jesu. But it adds to the atmosphere of this song.
The third cut , “Tired of Me”, is a depressing piece of music. The melody is again dribbled in melancholy and the pace of the song is even slower than the opening cut. The lyrics are downright grim. The same melody and chorus are repeated for the first half of the track reaching an epic height at the 4.5 minute mark ;  boring to some, beautifully hypnotic to others. The second half of the song has Ted Parsons shine on drums as the song becomes a little bit more uplifting thanks to the  marching band drums.
Track number 4 “We All Faulter” continues the depressing trend as the listener is pushed further into a hole in the ground. The second half of the song is again dribbled in melancholic riffs as I am left to wonder how Justin Broadrick ever recovered from the depression that could have produced songs like this. Yet there always remains a slight form of hope or beauty. That being said : the heaviness and snail like pace remain throughout the album.
“Walk on Water” is the main piece of this release, clocking in at +11 minutes. Again, the  pace and repetitiveness provide an hypnotic experience. The lyrics can be called minimal at best. The mood is perhaps at its darkest. However the turning point at around the 8 minute mark spells light at the end of the tunnel. After this cut the listener is, despite the elements of hope, reduced to pulp. But the most melancholic piece is yet to come as the riffs in “Sun Day” take it one step further. The layers and layers of guitar and feedback on this song left me in awe. Every time you listen you pick up something new. The lyrics are also beautiful. Yet another highlight of the album. “Man/Woman” is a hint back at earlier JKB material as he reunites with Paul Neville. More of an industrial atmosphere but a welcome change after such a depressing hour of music.
The last cut “Guardian Angel” is the perfect closer to the album. It doesn’t provide any more spectacular highlights but fits in great and the feedback outro closes of the album quite naturaly.
On the Japanese version of this release, there is a bonus disc with two tracks on it. The first, a remix of the opener, the second, a remix of “Friends are Evil”. “The Endless Path” actually surpasses it’s original as the vocals are left out. This is a more ambient piece with very repetitive pulsating rhythms. The second remix “Highest Throne”, doesn’t surpass the original, but it sees nice experimentation with some of the riffing of the original (wich are some of the best on the album I think). Interesting to say the least.
The LP versions :
Perhaps the greatest thing about this release is that the double LP Picture Disc version differs from the CD and original LP. The mix of the CD version was very dense and layered, to the liking of those who prefer a muddy and misty sound. But to dislike of those who prefer a cleaner, more vocal based mix. The mix on the LPPD version is completely different and thus the songs “Your Path to Divinity”, “Friends Are Evil”, “Tired of Me”, “We All Faulter”  , “Walk on Water” and “Sun Day”  almost sound  quite different.
For some of those this does wonders as the vocals are clearer and ethereal.  The guitar riffs stand out of the mix more too. Other songs were best left untouched, but it’s surely worth your while to get your hands on this version as it provides a completely different perspective on this masterpiece of an album.
Demo Version :
There is also a demo version which was sent out before the original cd version. It is mixed in yet another way (perhaps keeping the middle ground between the LPPD and original versions).  It sounds less mature but this also has some charming effects.

2006 :  Silver EP
Released : April 11th, 2006
Label : Hydra Head / Daymare
Tracklist :
01: Silver  – 6.44
02: Star – 7.00£
03: Wolves – 8.27
04: Dead Eyes – 6.26
05: Silver (Original Beats)* – 6.57 (Japanese Version Only)
06: Wolves (Original Mix)* – 8.35 (Japanese Version Only)

Jesu followed up their debut full length with the second EP named “Silver”. It is to date  perhaps their most varied release. It opens with the slow & heavy “Silver”. This track uses the elements displayed on the s/t but adds even more layers and melody to the mix. This providing a rather upbeat track to Jesu standards. The well written riffs provide a melody that sticks in your head without having the song loose all the heaviness  and drones that were trademark on the s/t. The second track, “Star”, is the oddest Jesu track. It’s up tempo with very high pitched vocals, making it almost pop. It’s still way heavier than your average radio song though so fear not. This is a sort of hit or miss track. Too poppy and fast for some while great variation on the traditional Jesu sound for others. The third song is the closest to the s/t. “Wolves” is a sad, slow and hard hitting repetitive song. The electronics/synths are much more present than on the s/t providing yet more variation and a hint at the future sound of Jesu releases. Some of the best lyrics in this track as well. The last song is one of my favorites again because it displays so much variety without losing any of the basic Jesu elements. It’s an electronic piece with infinite layers of sounds and processed guitars, laden with deformed vocals. The second part is a formal terurn to Godflesh with pummeling guitars.  “Dead Eyes” is truly memorable stuff.
The bonus tracks are nice but not essential. Whenever I find myself a bit bored with the original version of “Silver” (the riffs are very catchy but tend to get boring after repeated listens) , I put on this electronic version. The bonus version of “Wolves” adds nothing though, as the original blows this away.
This is to date still the best EP Jesu has released, introducing a lot of variation (and electronics, something that would become a Jesu trademark later) but never quite losing the power of the s/t (except maybe on “Star”) . Must have.

2007 : Conqueror :
Released : February 19th, 2007
Label : Hydra Head / Daymare / Conspiracy
Tracklist :
01 : Conqueror – 8.10
02 : Old Year – 5.46
03 : Transfigure – 5.58
04 : Weightless & Horizontal – 10.06
05 : Medicine – 7.22
06 : Brighteyes – 7.20
07 : Mother Earth – 7.16
08 : Stanlow – 5.58

This is the second full length in the Jesu discography. The line up didn’t change from the previous one ( JKB – Diarmuid Dalton – Ted Parsons ) but there is a large style difference. The term “shoegazer” comes to mind when listening to this album (My Bloody Valentine etc.). Sure, there where elements of this style present on the previous releases (except for Heart Ache) but they are most prominent on “Conqueror”. The depressing mood of the s/t has mainly been replaced by bitter sweetness and a more “positive” outlook and sound.  I had trouble coping with this style change in the beginning. There are some very strong tracks nevertheless. The guitar layers are still infinite but the drones and “Nang” bass have been cut back on severely. Opening track “Conqueror” sets a blueprint for most of the album. A nice riff (slightly melancholic) covered in layers and layers of guitars backed by solid bass and precise drumming. The (processed) vocals by JKB are in typical shoegazing style. Repetitive but upbeat . The second track “Old Year” is more direct in its approach, utilizing less layers and stressing the riff. If this song would have had a bit more bass in the mix it would be a killer. Now it’s still a highlight track with good lyrics but I feel it could have been more.
“Transfigure” continues in the vein of the opening track. So does “Medicine”, the happiest and thus weakest track on the album. In between there is the strongest cut  ; “Weightless & Horizontal”. It clocks in at +10 minutes (the only song to do this, another change from the s/t) and the first half is truly depressing. Melancholic, slow and heavy. Later in the song, the mood changes providing  the “there is light at the end of the tunnel” message. The change in mood works well here, but the second part is proportionately too long compared to the excellent first half.
The second half of the album is definitely the better one. “Brighteyes” is of the same style as “W&H” : melancholic,  slightly depressive but with a mood change in the second half. A Lot of synths in this song as well (a forebode for future electronic inspired releases). “Mother Earth” and closer “Stanlow” prove that an upbeat atmosphere doesn’t necessarily make for mediocre songs like opener “Conqueror” or “Medicine”. Heavy riffs (“Mother Earth”) or good melody and vocals (“Stanlow”) make these songs worth while.
I must say this album has grown on me a lot. When hearing it first I didn’t like it, well I didn’t like all of it. But the more you listen to it, the more you come to terms with the fact that not every Jesu song has to be depressive and heavy. Thats why I’ve learned to appreciate this album more. But still I rate it very much below the self titled. The Japanese version featured the “Sun Down / Sun Rise EP” on a bonus disk.

2007 : Sun Down / Sun Rise EP :
Released : April 23th, 2007
Label : Aurora Borealis
Tracklist :
01 : Sun Down – 17.30
02 : Sun Rise – 15.12

Lets start off with what’s good about this EP. The artwork is excellent (provided by Sheldon Hunt, who also did work for Isis and Dälek). The first half of “Sun Down” is pretty good, especially the opening minutes. It’s very heavy, reminiscent of the debut EP. If you ordered the Japanese CD version of “Conqueror” you got these tracks for free.
The bad stuff : Weakest release in the Jesu discography and totally not essential unless your the vinyl collector type like me who has to have every release of a band (preferably on all pressed colors).
As stated above , the heavy opening of “Sun Down” is good. Solid heavyness reminding me of the s/t and even “Heart Ache”. The ensuing bitter sweet part , much in the style of “Conqueror”, could still please me. But after that it becomes boring and stretched out, more ambient than anything else. “Sun Rise” is entirely skippable. I can imagine ambient fans liking this, but it’s really not  my cup of tea.  At certain times Final comes to mind more than Jesu. Probably the least essential part of the Jesu discography.

2007 : Jesu & Eluvium Split EP :
Released : July 5th, 2007
Label : Hydra Head & Robotic Empire
Tracklisting :
01 : Farewell – 6.26
02 : Blind & Faithless – 3.31
03 : Why are we not Perfect? – 6.43

The second EP for Jesu in the year 2007. Also the first split EP in the discography. It needs to be said that this is Justin K. Broadrick solo project (not the full length line up). What this meant was the debut of a more electronic sound. The beats are all electronic and there’s a lot of synths included. Though overall these tracks were again more upbeat and less heavy than anything before, they were a welcome change from the slightly dissapointing previous EP and frankly I was glad the sound was also different from the “Conqueror” full length, as I didn’t like that at the time.

The first cut “Farewell” has various electronic bits and layers going on. There’s hardly an unprocessed guitar riff left. The melody is very uplifting and the vocals high pitched. Normally a recipe for disaster, but JKB pulls it of quite nicely. An above average track with a lasting melody. The electronic beats work surprisingly well. The second cut is shoegaze all over (this could have been on “Conqueror”). It’s an instrumental track though, so no vocals. There’s nothing wrong with it, but on the other hand there’s nothing eye catching or special about “Blind & Faithless” either, so I tend to skip it a lot. The highlight of the split is closer “Why Are we Not Perfect?”. The tittle is a bit long, but the song is great. It’s sad and melancholic and actually has solid guitars at the end. This is probably one of the most melancholic cuts in the discography and I wonder what a full Jesu line up could do with this track.
All in all an improvement after the “Sun Down / Sun Rise” EP and again a style change after “Conqueror”. Interesting experimentation to say the least. Broadrick showcases a wide variety of skill on this release.

2007 : Pale Sketches
Released : October 9th, 2007
Label : Avalanche / Daymare
Tracklist :
01 : Don’t Dream It – 05.30
02 : Can I Go Now? – 05.49
03 : Wash It All Away – 05.22
04 : The Playgrounds Are Empty – 05.37
05 : Dummy – 06.46
06 : Supple Hope – 06.39
07 : Tiny Universes – 04.59
08 : Plans that Fade – 05.44
09 : Don’t Dream It (2009 Instrumental)* – 7.53 (Japanese Version Only)
10 : Supple Hope (2009 Mix)* – 6.41 (Japanese Version Only)
11 : The Playgrounds are Empty (Slumber Mix)* – 6.58 (Japanese Version Only)

This can’t really be considered a full length. Rather, it is a collection of unreleased material accumulated from roughly 2004 ’till the release of the Lifeline EP in October 2007. Thus it is a varied release. But some of the tracks don’t feel complete. The base is there but some elements aren’t and I can understand why these tracks were not included on any of the previous full lengths or EP’s.
Opener “Don’t Dream It’ is on the heavier/repetitive Jesu side. The vocal sample used might sound familiar to some (look it up), but I don’t really like it. Other than that this is a good heavy track. The second track “Can I go Now” is the worst on the record. It is too happy and not heavy what so ever. No impact. However the rest of the album more than makes up for the rather shaky beginning. The two Instrumentals “Wash it All Away” and “Dummy” are the best on the album and don’t need any vocals to leave an emotional impact. Heavy and beautiful with a big electronic touch.  The main piece on the release is “The Playgrounds Are Empty” which also hints back to earlier Jesu material, thus more instrumental than electronic. The best vocal track is “Supple Hope” , which is more in latter Jesu style mixing electronics with instruments. The ending especially is note worthy. The last two tracks see Broadrick experimenting with electronics. Closer “Tiny Universes” reminded me of “Dead Eyes” but is not half as heavy. These tracks too make for an enjoyable listen but aren’t as memorable.
The bonus tracks, released in 2009 on the Japanese edition, are well worth pursuing. The remix of “Don’t Dream It ” surpasses its original as it leaves out the annoying vocal sample. The re-interpretations of “Supple Hope” and “The Playgrounds are Empty” offer interesting variations to the originals without surpassing them in quality. They both sound lush (Playgrounds is more electronic too). Surely worth the attention of anyone who likes electronic Jesu or simply this release.

After a shaky start this collection of unreleased material was more than worth it and left me in anticipation of the next Jesu full length. JKB cleaned out his closet but it still had a few gems hidden in it. The vinyl version became available in August, 2008.

2007 : Lifeline EP
Released :  October 23rd, 2007
Label :  Hydra Head
Tracklist :
01 : Lifeline – 05.17
02 : You Wear Their Masks – 06.18
03 : Storm Comin’ On – 05.58
04 : End Of The Road – 05.34
05 : Lifeline (Alternate Version)* – 5.23 (Japanese Version Only)
06 : Decide – (Alternate Version of Storm Comin’ On)* – 5.54 (Japanese Version Only)

Already the third Jesu EP of 2007, it was perhaps the most anticipated one as it was comprised of recently recorded material ( as opposed to “Pale Sketches”). The opener “Lifeline” didn’t disappoint me at all. Great nostalgic track with the right mix of electronics and instruments and once again great lyrics. The second track, “You Wear their Masks”, is not one of my favorite Jesu outputs. It’s a rare occasion, but for once I find myself not liking the melody or the guitar arrangement for that matter. The vocals are too processed and weak and don’t have any impact at all. A mediocre track in my book. (In its defence : when played live at Roadburn 2008 it sounded much better)
The third track “Storm Comin’ On” , unfortunately continues this trend. The collaboration with Jarboe was not a good idea. Her vocals are terrible. Period. The last track “End of The Road”, though rather happy and upbeat, sort of makes up for the albums low, being Jarboe’s vocal contribution to “Storm Comin’ On”. All in all, you have one excellent tracand one above average one. Conclusion : Not the best of Jesu releases and it had many people worried about the direction Jesu was heading in.
The bonus tracks : “Decide” far surpasses its original as Jarboe is not on it. It shows this track has some real potential. I don’t like the rock-induced chorus riff  but other than that this is not a bad track at all. Why JKB included Jarboe is a mystery to me. The alternate version of “Lifeline” offers little interesting in my book.
Much like the “Sun Down/Sun Rise” EP, this is a must have for completists and collectors. It has its moments though (especially the opening cut). But there are surely a few misses on here as well.

2008 : Jesu & Envy Split EP
Released : July 11th, 2008
Label : Daymare / Hydra Head / Conspiracy
Tracklist :
01 : Hard To Reach – 13.39
02 : The Stars that Hang Above You – 07.35

Jesu teamed up for the second time with a band to make a split in the summer of 2008. This time it was Japanese Post-Core/Rock outfit “Envy” who also have a couple of strong releases under their belt (among them 2008’s Abyssal EP). It was again a Justin K. Broadrick solo release. The opening track , “Hard to Reach” is perhaps the most electronic Jesu song to date. The first minute is barrage of a breakbeats followed by the more typical layers of reverb and processed guitars. The lyrics and vocals are again drizzled in melancholy. The second part of the song is heavier and repetitve in former Jesu style, but still firmly coated in electronics. The long outro of the song is partly responsible for its length, 13.39 , the longest track length since the “Sun Down / Sun Rise” EP.
“The Stars that Hang above You” picks off where the “Lifeline” EP left off. A decent, slightly upbeat guitar melody with a lot of electronics and layers. During the second half  this track becomes interesting as JKB inserts a double bass which makes for one of the hardest electronica induced Jesu songs to date. Interesting experimentation though it certainly isn’t my preferred style.
For fans of the newer style Jesu and of course Envy (their side of the split is pretty good although not very renewing). It was a step forward for me after a few dissapointments on the “Lifeline” EP.

2008 : Jesu & Battle Of Mice Split EP
Released : August 12th, 2008
Label : Robotic Empire
Tracklist :
01 : Clear Stream
02 : Falling from Grace

The second split EP for Jesu in the year 2008, though it has to be noted that this had been in the making since probably early 2007. This also explains the style difference compared to the previous 2 split EP’s and the Lifeline EP. This release is the most instrumental since the “Conqueror” full length. The first track “Clear Stream” is slightly upbeat, but not quite as shoegazing as the “Conqueror” material, thus probably dating from somewhere between “”Silver” and “Conqueror” or just after that. Its got great riffs, is heavy enough and has the distinct Jesu melancholy written all over it. Class A track. The second track, “Falling From Grace” is the slowest Jesu track since the s/t. It’s a heavy and sad creeper but had it been just a bit more dronier it could have been the perfect song. Instead it’s too clean and the vocals (heavily vocoded) may just be the worst in the Jesu discography. It’s still a mediocre track but I feel it could have been much more.
Battle of Mice bring some good tracks to the table but in the end it’s all about “Clear Stream”. I’m tempted to say that this EP too is not essential but for collectors.

2008 : Why Are We Not Perfect? CDEP
Released : September 9th, 2008
Label : Hydra Head / Daymare
Tracklist :
01 : Farewell – 06.32
02 : Blind & Faithless – 03.33
03 : Why Are We Not Perfect? – 06.48
04 : Farewell (Alternate Version)* – 06.45 (Japanese Version Only)
05 : Blind & Faithless (Alternate Version)* – 06.23 (Japanese Version Only)
06 : Why Are We Not Perfect? (Alternate Version)* – 06.50 (Japanese Version Only)

I can be pretty short about this one. The first three tracks were released on vinyl on the 2007 split EP with Eluvium. The sound quality on this CD release is much better (the tracks seem to sound heavier). But other than that the first three tracks are identical to that release.
For people who had the vinyl (like me of course), this is still worth purchasing as It has three  bonus tracks, Alternative versions if you will. Especially the alternative version of “Farewell” is amazing. It’s even more electronic than its original but a heavy bass has been mixed into it, making it also a lot harder and dronier at the same time (if that makes any sense…). The vocals are buried back in the mix and are more subtle. All in all it feels more sad than its original. Very satisfied with this. The second alternate version, ‘Blind & Faithless”, introduces a JKB vocal contribution. Therefore it surpasses its original quite easily.  The alternative mix of “Why Are We Not Perfect” is good in its own right, it offers a different vocal arrangement and the guitars are even more manipulated. The original though, was such a good track that it is impossible to top. It’s a different perspective, but surely the original is much better.
With these bonus tracks and the improved audio quality this is deffo a must have, especially for non owners of the vinyl. It is the best Jesu EP since “Silver” but it doesn’t quite reach the quality of that EP.

2009 : Infinity :
Released : July 28th, 2009
Label :  Avalanche / Daymare
Tracklist :
01 : Infinity – 49.31
02 : Infinity (Part 2 Re-Interpretation)* – 17.30 (Japanese Version Only)

Infinity is the 3rd full length in the Jesu discography. It is a one track 50 minute endeavour. Other than the opening intro there is little to no electronica remaining on this release (drum machine is used in the first half of the track, live drums in the second).
Though Jesu returns (it is again a JKB solo effort) to its instrumental roots, the sound is still very different from the early releases. It’s still noisy and heavy but not so much layered and murky. Its approach is very direct. Parts of the first half sound very sludgy and the second half  even has some psychedelic metal parts going. Shouted vocals in former Godflesh style also make their appearance. The regular vocals are lovely and in true Jesu style (perhaps cleaner than usual) but are too sparse. More vocal contributions would have helped the release.
The final 12 minutes are the only real down side to this album as they are quite bland and boring (an overstretched post rock-ish outro with some sparse appearances of the bass).
The Japanese bonus track is a shorter re-interpretation of the second half of the LP. It’s as if JKB tried to compensate for the lack of vocals in the original. In fact : he overcompensated. It sounds rushed and wonders about aimlessly. It’s one of the weaker remixes he has done. The addition of some electronic features and the shortened outro are about the only positives to take from this bonus track.

With tracks this lengthy it’s always hard not to let less interesting parts slip into the music. Even Jesu couldn’t prevent that. The second quarter, though heavy on the bass is rather bland otherwise. And I’ve already mentioned the final part.
But overall there is still half an hour of good music on this release. The different sound composition takes some getting used to and Jesu might have lost some of its charm due to this more accesible sound. But it remains quality music nonetheless, ever evolving, ever changing.