20-12 Dubstep session

I recorded a dubstep session on Friday/Saturday 19/20th of December.
A set just under an hour software mixed & recorded.  I had already uploaded the first half to Electrobel but it got blocked because of copyright issues so I’m looking for alternatives (there are plenty but it should be straightforward…). Probably available  from the blog sooner or later…

.Part I
Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Night [The Widdler rmx]     Link
Susheela Raman – Love lies [Hit By A Rock rmx] Link
Burial – U Hurt Me Link
Mike Lennon – Brass Eye [Reso rmx]  Link
Martyn – Suburbia Link
Plastician – Walk in the Carpark (no link available)
Innerlign & Tyrant – 1754 Link
Darkstar – Lilyliver Link
Darkstar – Need You Link

Part II

Babylon System – Hyphy feat. Candy Vox (no link available)
Babylon System – Our Moment (no link available)
Babylon System & Noah D – Take That Link
Rusco – Jahova Link
Sukh Knight – Born Invincible Link
Rusco – Cockney Thug Link
Stenchman – Distress Signal Link
Vista – Exit Wound Link
Wolf man – The Kraken [Outro] Link

I devided it in to 2 halves mainly because of the file size but also because of the style change. The first half of the session is pretty moody, whilst the second half is dancefloor madness.
Links to youtube are from the individual tracks, not mixed. Be aware youTube quality is shit.
Get this stuff legally through digital download or vinyl purchase  :p .


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