Avalanchers Xmas Album 2008

We at the Avalanchers Massive have contributed our little piece to this thing called Xmas.
And we only know one way to do so : By making music.
All music is contributed by members of the Avalanchers Board. Some tunes are more serious than others but it’s surely worth the listen if you are into metal/ambient or just plain craziness.
Here is the tracklist :

01: Beta Claud – My Favorite Things  (ambient)
02: Quartersized – Amen to Xmas (dubby electronics)
03: Concrete/field – Reindeer Blood Sprayed Across The Pristine… (ambient)
04: Iroha – Let There Be Light (metal/shoegaze)
05: SHJK – Annual Turkey Massacre Celebrations (weirdness…)
06: Savier – The Mass of Christ (Silent Night) (industrial)
07:  Zoe Bones – Zombie & Alien (Remix) (weirdness…)
08: Oliver Piccolruaz – Hobo Santa (dubby electronics)
09: Mor Ve Otesi – Parti (Flatliners Killa Mix) (drum&bass)
10: Shirk – Merry Christmas (ambient/downtempo)
11: Crud – Mistletoe & Wine (noise)
12: 2Frail – Christmas is Over (If You Want It) (metal?)

So you get a very varied (and free!) package of music and this will surely become a collectors item in the years to come.  I’m sorry to say I didn’t contribute (I had a drone song ready but was too late.)
Thanks to all my brothers & sisters for contributing to this piece of art (although some contributions are more serious than other ^^ )  Here is the DOWNLOAD LINK for this supper free album. (eip file, 60mb)

Personal favorites include ambient opener My Favorite Things by Betacloud. Iroha (best band to arise in 2008) also  contribute a short but lovely piece in Let there Be Light. Quartersizeds beats are also quite enjoyable and parts of Hobo Santa are quite good too. Piece the resistance is Savier’s industrial piece.
So those are a few reasons to show your support and download this. Enjoy.


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