Grit – Expanse

South London isn’t just famous for its dubstep scene anymore.
A late December release sees Grit bring a new dub/techno record to the table. Grit contributed 2 tracks to excellent  compilations earlier on the year (VA – Depth Perceptions Vol. I / VA – Cismarine ).  With this full length comprised out of 7 tracks, Grit may have established himself as the biggest name in dub techno right now.

The release gets off to a rather slow start.  Both Endless Waves and Mind Mapping are more ambient than techno. This is as minimal as it gets. But they do work as mood setters and the melodies explored are quite soothing.
Track 3, beautifully titled Marianas Trench, kicks off the techno side of things.  Mid tempo beats (with deep sub bass) are placed over ambient soundscapes producing a dreamy & hypnotizing atmosphere. Grit has clearly mastered this to perfection. Adding and removing ambient layers prevents the song from becoming overly repetetive (although that is a trademark of the genre…).
Expanse basicly follows the same pattern but the mood is darker. This is the sound Grit showcased on the previously mentioned compilation albums.
The Furthest Outpost sees a return to a more ambient style of music. But this is actually my favorite piece. Without any beats it manages to be the most moody and heavy track on the album. Almost like a lightbulb glowing at supernova proportions. This track had me completely in trance.
Neon Auro brings back the beats. It’s the slowest track on the release but the jazzy synths make for some nice variation (Decoside comes to mind listening to this track) . There’s a lovely drop in the middle of the track as well.
The View From Triëste provides me with the second highlight. This is dub techno at its best. Very moody with minimal elements. Perfect choice of synths, samples & beats and it makes you want to hit the replay button.

Grit has set a standard with this album for me. In a genre that is pretty minimal, it is hard to bring variation and innovation. But Expanse is atleast an attempt at that. And there is still enough content on here to please any person  just looking for a good old moody piece of minimal music.

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One Response to “Grit – Expanse”

  1. Thank you for the review. Its nice to know that the tracks have touched someone in some way. A short opinion on each track was also a nice touch. I can tell that you have listened to the album quite deeply, i appreciate that.
    I seem to have landed myself in the DUB TECHNO genre, though i feel that the music is just my music, G.R.I.T. music, however, people can place it where they feel it fits, as long as they enjoy it, thats all that matters.
    I have several releases lined up from Jan 09 onwards.
    I hope i can live up to the promise you have found in EXPANSE.
    Once again, Thank you.


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