More YouTube : Burial – True Love VIP

It’s been a while since I shared some YouTube linkage so here it goes.
This track has been edged in my mind since the first time I heared it (months ago…). It keeps popping up in my head and when it does I can’t get rid off it.  And in Burial’s own words, it’s not a very complex tune at all. Very simple, very minimal. I can’t imagine it took him a long while to make this. But it just stays in your head like an echo of a distant and vague memory. Breathtaking stuff.

Burial – True Love VIP (taken from a Blackdown Rinse FM set)

Part of the beauty of this track is that it will most likely never see a release (though I’m hoping otherwise).
It will just be a bit of sound lost in space forever and in time only a (lucky) few people will remember it.


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  1. Your blog is very interresting for me, i will come back here..

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