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Early 2009 Dub Releases

Posted in Review on February 6, 2009 by joeki2000

I took the time to review 4 dub releases to come out in January and early February this year.
Great start to a year that will hopefully bring some more massive tunez.

Sigha – Bruised / Expansions (Hotflush Two , HFT004)
Being signed to Scuba’s Hotflush label, you know what to expect from this producer. The two tracks are heavily influenced by minimal techno and are very deep listening. Bruised reminds me of  productions from Marcel Dettmann and the likes. It’s about as minimal a 134 bpm track can get. And though I like dubstep probing into this kind of style, this is just a little too stripped down for my liking. The AA side Expansions hits the spot though.  This just has a little more going for it. Background noises, crackles and synths over a solid minimal beat. In the vein of Ramadanman, 2562 or Martyn.  Overall I’d say this is a welcome introduction to this new London based producer and a hint at great things to come from him in the future.
Sigha Myspace

Mount Kimbie – Maybes EP ( Hotflush Recordings, HF021)
This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2009 and it completely paid off. I expect this to make the end of year list 2K9 easily.
Maybes opens the EP like an indie rock / shoegazer band in action with what sounds like pedal influenced guitar. This gets stretched for a long intro that sets a very warm  mood to the EP. There’s no heavy basses to be found here :  the beats department is comprised of  clicks and chips and a slight sub bass, not unlike some  Burial tracks. But combined wit the sampled vocals it  becomes a very uplifting and slightly danceable tune.  William , the AA side, is my least favorite track but it is still a great listening experience. Like an old LP playing in the background, static noise is added to this track, providing more of  that warm and fuzzy atmosphere. Halfway through the song more clunk/click beats are added while  a jazzy vocal sample helps provide a backbone for the rest of this song.
Vertical is the best track on the EP. Again the opening bit sounds like a shoegazer band playing with their guitar pedals and the amplifiers. The clunk/click beats are back but the signatures are more complex as some bells are added.  It’s a very unusual yet balanced track.
Closer Taps sounds similar to the opener ( it’s actually a 140 bmp track). The build up in this song is amazing in true post rock style. And the melodic hook makes it quite addictive.
All in all, though an unusual EP indeed, I believe this is  a must have for any electronic music lover. It takes two step/dub/ambient/post rock/crunk and a thousand other things and makes something new and refreshing out of it.
Mount Kimbie Myspace

16 Bit – In the Death Car EP ( Boka Recordings, (BOKA018 )
The duo 16 Bit were featured on a Rinse FM show in 2008 and ever since have gained massive popularity. They took the style of acts like Bar 9, Chase & Status, Rusco etc. to a new level. This is very nasty stuff.
The opener Chainsaw Calligraphy samples bits of a chainsaw in action between the half step rave beats.
I think this is pure madness but I can imagine some heads getting a kick out of this.
The title track has a more modest approach and is thus more accessible. Here some Jamaican beats are added to the half step frenzy.
The third track M dot Mosley offers a return to the experimental side as samples from a fax machine are mixed with some more concrete rave sounds.
This is a relentless experimental dubstep release sure to divide the opinions. I liked parts of it but others were just too much for me. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Seven – Drop  / The Darkness ( Aquatic Lab, (LAB004)
My introduction to Seven was last years Tempa Allstars vol 5.  His opening track to that double LP  ( Siren ) was a massive tune. The openere to this 12″ ,  Drop,  continues that trend. Though never quite reaching the 140 bpm’s , the rolling bass line in this track is just made for the dance floor.  The AA side, The Darkness , has some major d&b influences going for it.  A dark future stepper with tight percussion and again a nasty vibe. Not the most complex dubstep single you’ll hear this year  but I’m sure this will make it’s way into many sets.

That was it for now, easy!