Pangaea / DJG / Phaeleh / Skream Reviews

Another 4 dubstep related reviews are done.  This batch includes the following releases :

  1. Pangaea – Bear Witness / Mosaix (Hotflush Two)
  2. DJG – Bunker / Apophenia (Tube 10 )
  3. Phaeleh – Fire / Isolate (Surface Tension)
  4. Skream – La Roux – In for the Kill (Skream’s Let’s get Ravey Mix) (no label)

First up Pangaea drops his new 12″. The A-side Bear Witness is immediately grasping towards the “dubstep track of the year” award. If you’re into Pangaea’s previous releases you will love this new stuff no doubt. The bass is something else, it’s deep and full. The rhythm is swirling like a deep house track (there’s obviously less room for garage sounds on this release). The sounds on the background add a nice and jazzy feel to the song. Not quite as deep as his previous 12″ ( You & I / Router ) but this side is deffo up there. The AA side is more of a return to post garage sounds with double basses . Melody wise I think it’s the weakest track Pangaea has made up to this point but it sure is a danceable tune (in the vein of previously reviewed Martyn) . This is just a must have release for any electronic music lover.

DJG had also released his best material to date with the Bunker / Apophenia split. The bass on the a-side packs a punch but is almost neutralised and forgotten by the subtle atmospherics created. This is a true dark room stepper with a great vocal sample in it. The AA side is a bit darker though again a fitting vocal sample relieves some of the tension. The track is slow in the build up before the two drops and also has a slight techno vibe running through it, not unlike Bristol electronic music wizard  Peverelist productions.
All in all I’d say one of the most consistent releases this year.

Fire / Isolate is my formal introduction to Phaeleh though I hear he made some tracks mixing dub & lounge etc. before. Little of that remaining on here as this is just pure old dubstep at 140 bpm’s the way we like it. What’s in a name as the opener Fire literally could set a room on fire. It’s intoxicating with it’s rolling bass line. Isolate has a more gentle approach and is less direct but multiple listening sessions will up the appreciation level for this one as well. Though I’d reckon the A side alone is well worth the purchase.

Skream already has a 12″ under his belt (which will be reviewed later) but it is with this new white label production that he has set the community up in motion again. This remix of La Roux’ – In for the Kill track was dropped at one of the Forward Parties in London and with a reception that well just had to see a release. The voice of La Roux coupled with the repetitive deep bass line Skream has put underneath works very well as a party closer. The second drop adds some d&b/breaks elements into the mix but unfortunately the track ends prematurely, this tunes only real miss. If you are going to get one white label this year, let it be this one.

That’s all for now, Peace out.


One Response to “Pangaea / DJG / Phaeleh / Skream Reviews”

  1. Big up man, thanks for the review of that Phaeleh tune on Surface Tension. Gimme an email when you get a chance and I’ll get you sorted with some new stuff.

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