Fragment. – The Game is Over EP

The fact that this is the third Fragment. record I’m reviewing in two months tells us two things. One : this man is very prolific. Two : this man makes quality music worth reviewing. Fragment. has a plethora of limited EP’s under is belt, but I chose his latest EP The Game is Over, because it’s probably the best and most diverse EP he’s done to date.

I was a bit surprised when I opened my mailbox. This is an EP pressed on mini-disk. Any computer or laptop should accept this format, but my car radio refused it. The packaging was pretty nice I suppose.
The release opens with the title track. This is a monolithic masterpiece much in the vein of the self titled release. Ethereal vocals, melancholic heavy guitars, blissful repetitiveness and heavy bass : it has it all. This track alone is worth the purchase of this release.
The other two tracks are what makes this release good AND interesting.
Your Golden throne (remix)” has very heavy electronic beats mixed underneath it and reminded me of the Jesu and Envy split EP. The vocals are again top notch. This too is perhaps a little  repetitive but that really is it’s only flaw. Fragment. proves he can handle electronic induced pieces as well.
In Your Heart (remix)” has a very distorted opening as more ambient and electric features work their way through the mist. Again a melancholic melody sets the background for this piece. Once the programmed drums and discordant guitars join this becomes a very melodic Godflesh-like tune. The vocals betray that this is perhaps an older song as they are much in the vein of the debut EP Cavity. Past the midway point the melody changes and becomes even more melancholic. The highlight section of this EP for me.

Though being diverse (it has both strong electronic influences and references to earlier works) it is still trademark Fragment.  and I can listen to it for ages. Again the right balance between melodic/melancholy and power/heaviness is found. This release is rather repetitive though which might be less pleasing to some. For me  this is in the running for best EP of 2009 so far.


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