August Dubstep Mini Mix

Inspired by the previous post, I set out to work on a small mini-mix. It’s about 25 minutes long and combines some newer tunes with some of the classics. Hope you enjoy it. Tracklist and links below.

Link :

Tracklist :

01 : Guido – Beautiful Complication (unreleased)
02 : Skream – Trapped in a Dark bubble (tectonic)
03 : Distance & Cyrus – Surrender (chestplate)
04 : Mala – Lean fwd. (digital mystikz)
05 : Sukh Knight – cop Killer (nasha)
06 : Saviour – Scaffold (stainage dub)
07 : Rusko – Sound Guy is my Target (sub soldiers)
08 : Coki – Square Off  (dancing demons)
09 : Mode – Recall (z-audio)
10 : Kromestar – Coca Cola (southside dubstars)
11 : Mala & Coki – Haunted (digital mystikz)
12: Distance – Night Vision [Skream Remix] (planet mu)

Support the artists ! Glitches near the end due to horrible equipment. EZ.


One Response to “August Dubstep Mini Mix”

  1. Loving the old and the new in the mix … great stuff.

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