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Untitled! Review

Posted in Review on September 20, 2009 by joeki2000

The first performance I reviewed was the gig by Ignite here in July (browse the ‘review archive’ section or use the search function). Now finally there is a second installment in this category, albeit of a completely different kind.  As you might (have) notice(d), I’m quite a dubstep fanatic. And yesterday another edition of Belgium’s finest dubstep party, Untitled! , took place at the Trix music center in Antwerp. The resident DJ’s were joined on stage by some of the bigger names London has to offer. Here is my review of their performance.

We entered the new venue (the same venue where that Ignite gig took place) when resident  DJ Hijack was just starting his set. This venue is rather big for a dubstep party, but unfortunately this event has outgrown its previous location, the neighbouring Trix Club. Sound and atmosphere in that location were never a problem, and the adaptation to this new venue went pretty well. Smoke machines, extensive lighting and projections provided a good atmosphere. The sound system was good as well, but the venue doesn’t lend itself well to big bass because it is rather wide. But all in all, I was pretty satisfied.

Hijack has some releases on the famous Deep Medi Musik label and is also the brother of DJ Skream, one of the biggest names in dubstep.  He was the perfect warm-up act mainly sticking to deeper and harder tunes without going overboard early on the night. He earned his reputation of re-wind king though (‘Serious’ by Noah D suffered through a triple re-wind…) and this was kind of annoying. Re-winds are cool once or twice in a set but this was simply over the top.
Up next was Seven, another guy from London who’s had a few big releases this year on the Aquatic Lab label (look for one of them in the ‘review archive’). unfortunately, he didn’t rinse out any of those.  He played a bit of an abstract set on the darker dubstep spectrum with an occasional banger in between. Me and all of the crowd received it pretty well. I look forward to seeing him again. Hopefully next time I’ll get to hear him play ‘Dark Passenger’.

Loefah was the biggest name on the board and for me he totally lived up to the expectations. It was a slow and heavy set that brought about a very nostalgic feeling of forgotten mixes from 2005 and 2006. He played some of his own classic stuff (Horror Show, Mud, Ruffage) and mixed in some newer tracks influenced by hiphop. Some of the crowd (I assume the younger or less experienced listeners) didn’t receive this approach very well and left the building. Not enough wobble I suppose. For me, it was truly classic.

The ever friendly Chef (UK, Soul Jazz) was a real crowd pleaser though. His mixes were sluggish but it felt really improvised and there was a serious good vibe during his intense and hard set as the crowd regained their spirits. Some of the big commercial tunes made the venue go crazy.

N-Type was supposed to be the second headliner of the evening but unfortunately he cancelled. I don’t like his productions at all, but he did a marvelous job mixing Dubstep allstars vol.5 and some parts of his Rinse 09 mix were also very enjoyable. Replacements were the london duo The Others. I had never heard a DJ set of them, and their productions I found to be mediocre at best. Their tune selection was quite ok, but they never felt as spontaneous and genuine as Chef.  Furthermore, they too had a bit too much of the re-wind thing going on.  But they kept the crowd going and in the end that’s the most important thing.

The final act, which I assume were Dice & Kastor, Untitled! residents, sort of payed tribute to N-Type. They even copied some of his mixing on dubstep allstars vol.5. They did rinse out ‘Bury the bwoy’ and ‘anti-war dub’ and an incredible double drop mix of ‘Simple City’ with another tune that I don’t know. They were a good closing act but also felt les spontaneous and it all felt a bit too planned.

But it was a very good night out indeed, despite the small setback of N-Type cancelling. The organisation of this event deserves some credit and I look forward to the next edition which will feature Coki, Mala, Pinch & Noah D amongst others. Probably the biggest dubstep one nighter Belgium has seen to this day!