October Dubstep Minimix

I Took the time to record another dubstep mini mix. Needless to say this new edition surpasses last months by a mile.  I feel this mix is a lot more professional and complete. It shows the wide variaty of styles within the dubstep genre in less than half an hour and 15 tracks.
It moves from slow and dark stuff over into wobble, into dance floor crackers into wonky and garage influenced sounds. Again some older tracks mixed in with recent releases. I feel this worked quite well again.
Some of the mixes aren’t 100% accurate, but hey, that’s life.  Plus it adds a human element to it all.
Again, support the artists and buy the music if you can. I Love Dub Music!

Tracklist & Download link below!

01 : Breakage – Higher (Digital Soundboy)
02 : JSL – Fight Dub (Kraken)
03 : Trolly Snatcha – Scattah (Dub Police)
04 : Skream – Filth (Tempa)
05 : Skream – Simple City (Tempa)
06 : Mala – Changes (DMZ)
07 : Mala & Coki – Lean Forward (DMZ)
08 : Mensah – Not a Shy Girl (Lo-Dubs)
09 : Coki – Goblin (Ringo)
10 : Jakes – Rock the Bells (H.E.N.C.H.)
11 : The Prodigy – Take me to the Hospital [Rusko Remix] (Hospital)
12 : Joker & Ginz – Stash (Hyperdub)
13 : Gemmy – Rainbow Road (Planet Mu)
14 : Hyetal – Neon Speech (Soul Motive)
15 : Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Hotflush)

Linkage ( 26.28 minutes / 24.24 mb)


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