Dubstep 2009 : The best 12″

Here is an overview of some of the best 12″ dubstep related to come out this year. No full albums in this list, no EP’s either and no dubplates. More on that will follow shortly when I have some more time. The list is generally in alphabetical order by the way.

Breakage – Together / Rain (digital soundboy)
Breakage has been one of the top producers this year. His deep and slower tunes really speak to me as they provide a somewhat old school vibe. Dark dubstep from the 2006/2007 era with great atmospherics. Breakage released a number of tracks this year (including some awesome remixes) but his best and most consistent one was this. The A side is a dark throbbing nodder whilst the AA side is a melodic track suited for blazing out.

Burial & Four Tet – Wolf Cub / Moth (text recordings)
The two tracks are collaborations and both artists take about up 50% of each track. The A side has the two-step rhythm’s of Burial matched with the Four Tet melodies, vice versa on the other side. Moth is surely the superior track with it’s melodies and haunting vocal samples. We want more Burial in 2010.

DJ Madd – Someone / [Breakage remix] (blackbox)
DJ Madd has been a guarantee for quality deeper tunes with a garage touch and some melodic qualities. This shone through most in this track. But it’s really about the remix for me, where Breakage just adds a very dark and heavy atmosphere to the track.

Giant – Drumstick / Swoosh (h.e.n.c.h.)
Let’s face it, we need dance floor crackers in this list too. And this was one of the heaviest about. Also very catchy. There is no compromise in this Russian DJ’s style. Either you brock out, or leave the floor.

Guido – Beautiful Complication / Chakra (punch drunk)
Guido did a hell of a job representing the funky Bristol sound. His other 12″ also deserves a place on this list. But this one is just a little bit superior. The vocal contribution by Aarya is marvellous and the melodic qualities of Chakra are endless. Shake it baby.

Hyetal – Neon Speech / Gold Or Soul (soul motive)
More Bristol based sounds  from Hyetal. His Pixel Rainbow Sequence tune was probably the number one pick along with ‘We Should light a fire’ (featured on MAH compilation cd). But this 12 was the most consistent one as both sides are worth a listen. Heavy bass, great nostalgic melodies and swirling garage rhythms.

Indigo & SYNKRO – Runes / My Own World (mindset)
Indigo perfects the dub techno style, whilst SYNKRO provides the usual garage-inspired quality matched on this cut with a vocal sample from Marvin Gay. What more do you need (other than a spliff perhaps.)

Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo / Wet Look (hotflush)
The A side is a strong contender for track of the year but the aa side is also a much overlooked gem. In my opinion Joy Orbison is easily the best new producer to emerge in 2009. A fresh style in dub forefronted by others like Falty DL. His other 12″ on doldrum is also very good and I can’t wait to hear more from him in 2010.

Kryptic Minds – Life Continuum / Wondering Why (osiris musik)
Kryptic Minds had a slew of releases out this year, each and everyone loaded with quality. But this is probably their most overlooked one. It is also the best one. The A side is a dark stepper in the same style as the full length album but the aa side offers a different approach mixing in a garage/2 step rhythm and gorgeous vocal sample.

Lung – Afterlife / Time (kokeshi)
A late release but surely worth the wait. Though I find his tracks a little thin on the production side (and the rhythm sections a little overcrowded), I can’t help but fall in love with the melodic qualities of both these tracks.

Pangaea – Memories / (whitelabel)
Though his 12″ on hotlfush is also  certainly a contender, this single sided 12″ will also top many end of year lists. Epic swirling rhythms and another beautiful vocal sample make this one hard to forget.

SYNKRO – Everyday / Tell Me (synkro)
SYNKRO could have been on here with any single release as far as I’m concerned. He has been one of the consistent top producers of the last two years. I chose this one simply because it only contains two tracks, but really, any of his releases will do.

Truth – The Fatman / Stolen Children (deep medi musik)
One of the bangers of 2009 which I will always remember. Dark, hard, dance floor dub. You need to have it.

Note that these 12″ have been selected for consistency. It doesn’t mean they are the best tracks. It means both sides are consistent and you can’t go wrong when buying them. I will mention a few other 12″ that are less consistent, but might contain better tracks, later when I talk about the best producers/tracks/remixes of the year in the next edition soon to come.


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