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Untitled! February Edition Review

Posted in Review on February 21, 2010 by joeki2000

Another edition of Belgium’s finest dubstep one-nighter is again behind us. This time the Untitled! crew had set-up a varied night with a major headliner to top it off : Caspa. Indeed, it was the first time the event had sold out at the doors (or at least the first time I can remember and I’ve been to a lot of them). The stage was set for another raging night of dubstep.

We entered the venue when resident Hijak was setting himself up to play. Last time around, he had treated us to a nice set filled with beats and breaks in true jungle/2 step style. This time he stuck with plain good old-fashioned dubstep. It was a very consistent set : hard and dark with the an anthem or two, three creeping in to make sure the crowd kept their fullest attention. Indeed, crowd appreciation was there and personal favourites of his set included Skream’s – What did he say? and Doctor P’s – Sweet Shop (which was rewinded only once, I will explain below why I mention this now…).  Hijak always plays a very decent supporting set and today was no different. Kept my fullet attention.

Breakage was the man I came to see. His new full length, due next month, is shaping up to be the album of the year. His 2K9 productions and remixes too were some of the best around. In a sentence : Breakage is the man of the moment and untitled’s booking of this guy was just perfect timing. Breakage did pack the big tunes for this event. Sometimes the flow disappeared a little from his set as he experimented with genre’s a bit (which was to be expected from a top-tier DJ, keeping to strictly 140 tunes can get boring). I’m not a big favourite of ‘Riverside’ or some of the other earlier rave songs he selected.
His mix of Nero – Innocence into Giant – Drumstick had to be one of the moments of the night for sure though. He also unleashed plenty of his own dark low to mid level steppers onto the crowd (‘higher’, ‘hard’, ‘together’) and he got some deeper tunes in there as well (‘over’ & ‘someone’ remix were personal favourites).  Great set and great vibe.

Caspa up next then. Not a big fan here, but some of his harder tunes can even get me going. Indeed, some of the dark mid-range squelchers he churned out were well worth it. But overall, the mixing was poor. The amount of rewinds was rediculous and generally there was very little flow in his set. Most of the crowd seemed to love it though, I guess I know who they came to see. Not me though. If I consider all untitled! events I’ve been to, or just big dubstep nights in general, I was perhaps least impressed to date with this performance by such a ‘big’ name. Oh yeah : the triple rewind of ‘Sweet Shop’ (vip?) almost made me go home in frustration.

Fortunately, Tes La Rok more than made up for these flaws. This was a dubstep set right up my alley. I was afraid Tes would play too much Jamaican-influenced dub but I was very wrong. A straight-forward, hood-on-head skank fest unfolded before me. And without a single re-wind. Great flow, great tune selection, great set. I was truly impressed by him (or maybe it was because Caspa was dissapointing?)

Brussels main crew, The Grimelock, finished off the evening for me. Great stage presence, some good tunes were rinsed and the lads were genuinely having fun on stage. Grimelock crew, much like Hijak, is always good decent dubstep.

After that we, the HD-Alliance (check us out on facebook haha) called it a night. A bit disappointed with Caspa to be honest, but I really enjoyed Tes La Rok’s set (burned a lot of calories during this one hehe) and Breakage had some amazing tunes. I will be seeing him again in April along with Mala (yes!), N-Type, and Kryptic Minds (double yes!). Oh, the next line-up looks daunting again : Joker, Kromestar, Trolley Snatcha just to name a few.

Out! Recorded video’s on my youtube account as usual


My Dubstep Remixes : Revisited

Posted in General News on February 2, 2010 by joeki2000

I just wanted to take the time to gather all my recordings into one post with all info included.
So here goes .

August 2009 Mix :

01 : Guido feat. Aarya – Beautiful Complication (dubplate version)
02 : Skream – Trapped in a Dark Bubble (tectonic)
03 : Distance & Cyrus – Surrender (chestplate)
04 : Mala – Lean Forward (dmz)
05 : Sukh Knight – Cop Killer (nasha)
06 : Saviour – Scaffold (stainage dub)
07 : Rusko – Sound Guy is My Target (sub soldiers)
08 : Coki – Square Off (dancing demons)
09 : Mode – Recall (z-audio)
10 : Kromestar – Coca Cola (southside dubstars)
11 : Mala & Coki – Haunted (dmz)
12 : Distance – Nighvision [skream rmx] (planet mu)

link (21.21 mb)

October 2009 Mix :

01 : Breakage – Higher (digital soundboy)
02 : JSL – Fight Dub (kraken recordings)
03 : Trolley Snatcha – Scattah (dub police)
04 : Skream – Filth (tempa)
05 : Skream – Simple City (tempa)
06 : Mala –  Changes (deep medi musik)
07 : Mala –  Lean Forward (dmz)
08 : Mensah – Not a Shy Girl (lo-dubs)
09 : Jakes – Rock tha Bells (h.e.n.c.h.)
10 : The Prodigy – Take me To the Hospital [rusko rmx] (hospital)
11 : Joker & Ginz – Stash (hyperdub)
12 : Gemmy – Rainbow Road (planet mu)
13 : Hyetal – Neon Speech (soul motive)
14 : Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (hotflush)

Link (24.24 mb)

Chestplate Mutilashun Mix ( November 2009 )

01 : Loefah – System (tectonic)
02 : Skream – Chest Boxing (tempa)
03 : Cyrus – Bounty (tectonic)
04 : Skream – Wiggly (southside dubstars)
05 : Slack – Kick in the Floor (dark circles)
06 : Rob Sparx – To be in Love (sparx)
07 : Rob Sparx – What u Gonna Do (migrate)
08 : Skream – Just Being Me (southside dubstars)
09 : Skream – Rutten (tempa)
10 : Ed Solo – Watch Your Eyes (sludge)
11 : Skream – Filth (tempa)
12 : Skream – Simple City (tempa)
13 : Mala – Changes (deep medi musik)
14 : Mala – Lean Forward (dmz)
15 : Coki – Spongebob (dmz)
16 : Loefah – Mud (dmz)
17 : Marlow – Bandwagon Junglist (boka recordings)
18 : Hyetal – Neon Speech (soul motive)
19 : Sub Focus – Coming Closer (ram)
20 : Pinch – Attack of the Giant Robot Spiders (planet mu)

Link (33.12 mb)

Everything can also be streamed at those locations.  Remeber to either purchase the records you like on vinyl. For some however this is impossible since they are sold out or currently out of print. A digital download is your awnser. Check juno download or any other quality website. Some tunes are also out on CD which are more widely available than some of the vinyl only releases. Some tunes (like many of the DMZ releases) are just generally out of print. Enjoy them in this mix.
Support the scene! Cheerz.