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New Mix : The Anthem Drops

Posted in General News on May 19, 2010 by joeki2000

Hi everyone,
I’ve uploaded a new mix of mine. It’s a very commercial project this time with basicly only anthems in the mix. It’s only around 30 mins. and deffo worth your attention if you are into party dubstep. You can check it out and download or listen here.
For a full tracklisting, go the soundcloud page (by clicking on the mix name) and download the artwork, or view the mix information on soundcloud. Any feedback welcomed.

The Anthem Drops @ Soundcloud (click on this to download artwork or view full tracklist)



Untitled! May Edition Review

Posted in Review on May 11, 2010 by joeki2000

The 2nd edition of the Untitled! dubstep one-nighter took place yet again last weekend. It seems each time the line-up is getting more impressive. Ticket prices have rise each time the line-ups get bigger, but for 15€ you get a night’s worth of the biggest UK names, a good venue and solid organisation. For me this remains the main dubstep event in Belgium.

We arrived at the venue later than expected. Police had the neighbourhood on lockdown and I was stopped twice for substance check. Fortunately, I’m a responsible driver . The place seemed less packed than last time around which was actually a good thing. A full house but there was still some skanking space available.
I arrived in the main hall just as Starkey (US) was laying down his first beats. His set was everything I had expected : very varied with a lot of attention to funky and hiphop inspired dub.  Him rinsing out his own big tunes (Rain City, Stars & Fidelio amongst others) was of course a big plus. All in all, a good set to start off the evening : not too aggressive and enough attention to proper mixing. It has to be said Starkey is also quite the podium presence : very energetic to say the least.

One of dubstep’s godfathers, Kromestar, was up next. I was really looking forward to seeing him at work for the first time. The man who gave us dubstep classics such as Coca-Cola, Kalawanji and many more, constituted a complete change in style from the previous DJ. Slow, heavy and murky tunes made up the first part of the set. The first skanking highlights were set. The second half of the set upped the tempo and aggression level a bit.  Indeed, the build-up and tune selection was quite ok. But the man clearly had a few too many drinks.  Perhaps I overlooked some technical difficulties, but in my opinion the mixing was quite poor at some times. Also, not playing earlier mentioned classics was a bit of a let down. The pace and tone for the rest of the night was set though.

Bristol’s main purple man Joker was probably the biggest name of the bill this time around.  He also lived up to the expectations. The typical Bristol style was present throughout the set, with a few London sound escapades (tunes by skream amongst others). The place went off during Tron and Purple City. Joker was also on the game with mixing, double dropping bombs everywhere. Great experience and a flawless performance. I’ve also rarely seen the crowd this active at events (probably the best atmosphere since the party moved venue to this bigger place).

It’s almost unbelievable, but N-Type upped the levels even still. It was big anthem time and the mixing was at hyper  speed whilst still almost flawless. I had trouble breathing at times because one big tune followed up the next at an unbelievable pace. N-Type is clearly one of the best DJ’s out there (evidenced by his mixing of Dubstep Allstars Y and Rinse 9).  Anthems released this year (Gravity, Seerious VIP, Sweet Shop VIP etc.) were followed by mad dubplates. One of the best performances I’ve seen in the past years (along with Skream and Mala to name a few).  For me N-Type was the highlight of the night. Kromestar didn’t seem to bother as he wandered around the stage drunk out of his mind occasionally mumbling something through the mike. He can be forgiven because he is a badman after all.

Trolley Snatcha was the big surprise for me. I had expected a filthy chainsaw dub set. Sure, some of that was present, but again some near flawless mixing and a good selection of other tunes really made up for that. And of course, tunes such as The Future, Cirkle K and We Rock The Forest do bring the crowd alive, which was still very much alive and kicking at 5 am. Pleasantly surprised by this man!

The good line-up, which lived up to expectations, and the good crowd response made this for me one if not the best editions in the new venue. Some flaws have become apparent though : the venue is much too light. Big lighting set-ups are impressive for d&b or other genre’s. But when it comes to dub, a little darkness once in a while doesn’t hurt. But that’s my only remark really to a very good night out.
See you next edition!

Also : here is a compilation movie I made from the night :
It includes tunes performances from Kromestar, N-Type and Joker and has tunes and dubplates from Joker, Doctor P, The Others, Kromestar amongst others, enjoy!

Untitled! Compilation Video by myself!