About Me

About Me :

  • Name :  Jeroen Van Loo
  • Origin :  Heist-op-den-Berg,  Antwerpen,  Belgium .
  • Occupation : Student @ K.U.Leuven, Faculty of Arts,  Japanese Studies : MA1
  • Points of Intrest :  Lived/studied in Japan for over a year.  Learned a lot about myself, other people, music, culture, human relationships. It was a humbling experience. I will surely be back there soon.
  • Music : A passion for music since I was 13 years old. With age my taste evolved but at this age I feel I’ve reached the stage where I no longer need to belong to a subculture. It’s not about genre’s but about the artists & music. Skim through the blog and you’ll find out what I like and don’t. Most of it will be underground, but not by choice. I DJ in my free time under the alter ego of ‘Oblomov‘ . I’ve only ever performed in front of a crowd once so it’s more of a hobby. Plans are in the air for a digital label promoting local talent in the dubstep/d&b spectrum of the music business. Will keep you posted on that.

About the Blog :
The whole blogging community is so self-indulgent I can’t even begin to justify why I made one myself. It was originally a tool to keep my friends & family updated on my life in Japan. Now its use has moved away from that into something even more obscure.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hey Jeroen, dank je voor je comment, zo heb ik jou blog ook weeral gevonden. Die ziet er trouwens goed uit. Ik wens je veel succes met je blog (en je verblijf in Japan) en zal nog wel regelmatig een kijkje komen nemen, om wat over het reilen en zeilen in Matsumoto te weten te komen. En kom maar is een keertje langs in Osaka hé.

  2. Saw that you had posted a few chill tunes in your musical review for ’08. Wanted to point you to my website where I have five mostly downtempo albums available for free download: http://www.generalfuzz.net.

    • just wanted to say thanks for the great review you gave our album. Its rare to see a review by someone who clearly understands the music and has taken time to properly review.

      Very much appreciated, thanks…


  3. hiya – thanks for the Lung review..appreciate the support.

    AC —

  4. Kijk eens, een naam- én stAdsgenoot. (allé, toch in de buurt)
    Grappig genoeg hebben we ook dezelfde lay-outs gekozen voor onze blogs zie ik… I guess Jeroens think alike. 🙂 Toffe muzieksmaak ook.
    Keep up the nice work!

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