On this page I will share with you the live recordings that I have made. Unfortunately I don’t want to spend money on this so for one I use the free service of YouTube to upload them. The second restriction this brings is limited recording space (small SD cards) which means I can only record songs or parts of a performance. All recordings copyrighted by me and recorded with Canon Ixy Digital. There is also free downloadable audio content (legal only).

Live Recordings :

    Audio :

    • My Dubstep Mixes audible online @ divshare. For details on the mixes please click the link below ( August 2009 mix, October 2009 mix and ‘Chestplate Mutilation mix included). click here please : LINK

    2 Responses to “Audio/Video”

    1. Fin Squandrago Says:

      Don’t suppose there would be any chance of your sticking Witchman’s “Innasylum” up here, would there? I got on to a late-’90s nostalgia kick tonight, wondered what had become of him and promptly discovered that he has YouSendIt’d the thing a few months back… so I’m a few months too late to the party. Help a fellow headnodder out?

    2. joeki2000 Says:

      I’ll look into it. It would be great if this makes it out to as many people as possible. I’ll get back to you ASAP

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